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    DRIVEN Assessment and Cosultation

    Driven is an assessment and interactive tool which has been designed for using a scientific approach to measure and improve 6 psychometric measurements. Our in-depth research has helped design the PR6 resilience measurement course structure.


    The PR6 is the leading, efficient psychometric measurement of resilience. Participants take a short questionnaire, where the PR6 identifies and measure resilience across 6 crucial domains. The PR6 includes a predictive, forward looking factor which helps identify the need for future resilience development. The PR6 is designed with simplicity and usability in mind, with interactive activities and easy, actionable reporting.


    This is an all-round resilience development course that is ideal for:
    • Professionals in every sector
    • Leaders and Executives
    • High School and Tertiary Students
    • Professional athletes and sportspeople
    The program is ideal for individuals and groups or teams, with additional functionality available to service larger corporate clients.

    There are six key modules which Driven focuses on to build lasting resilience:
    1. Vision: Goals, self worth, personal values.
    2. Tenacity: being optimistic through adverse situations and dealing with ambiguity through persistence.
    3. Health: Exercising regularly, eating whole, nourishing food and sleeping well.
    4. Reasoning: Being resourceful, adapting to change and problem solving.
    5. Collaboration: Working with others, in work and life, creating networks of support.
    6. Composure: Regulating and understanding emotions. Learning techniques to cope with stress.